Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Channel Your Inner-Rockstar!

It’s the opening night for your new tour. You’re standing on stage with jitters in your stomach with a microphone inches away from your lips. The curtains draw and beaming light warms your face and blinds your eyes as thousands of people begin to cheer and scream your name. Now close your eyes and take it all in…

Now open your eyes! What rockstar are you?

I performed this exercise and the vision was clear. I am Christina Aguilera. I suppose she's more of a diva-singer-songwriter-pop-icon-extraordinaire, but that falls under the “rockstar” category, right? Christina's Jeanie in a Bottle was my first CD (in the fifth grade!) and ever since “Reflection” from Mulan, I was sold on her for life.

Wouldn’t it be great to live the rockstar life? (Even if only for one night!) BalletMet has a fantastic opportunity for you. We like to say it’s comparable to a Grammy’s after party because all the big stars will be there, hopefully including you!

This Saturday night, Feb. 27 is BalletMet's DANCE WITH THE DANCERS TOUR 2010 at the Lifestyles Community Pavilian. It's a night of amazing food, drinks, auctions, BalletMet's dancers, surprises, and most importantly we’re rolling out the red carpet for you: Lady GaGa, Prince, Jimi Hendrix, or whoever you may be.

“This might just be the best people watching experience of the year,” Barbara Markus, BalletMet's Assistant Development Director and party-planning-mastermind said. She's heard rumors that Beyonce, Jay-Z, Cher, and a few Madonnas will be in attendance.

A special feature of the night is the DJ, Mark Dantzer from Mix 107.9. Despite changing the location of the event every year, which Barbara said is a big party-planning no-no, Mark has always been there to be “the voice of the event.”

Only having a minimal budget, BalletMet relies on dedicated co-chairs, including Stacy Lily, Ashley Curl, and Elisa McCurdy to do the planning. Many businesses also make this sixth annual dance party both possible and successful.

More than $15 thousand in food was donated by local good-eats including: Made From Scratch, Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, Old Bag of Nails, Jeni's Ice Cream, Eggfast, Rusty Bucket, Bakery Gringham, and Spinelli's Deli.

To top that, the valued $50 thousand of auction items, ranging from dream vacations, gift cards, behind-the-scenes tours, tickets, and more, are 100 percent donated. Bid online now.

BalletMet expects 350 star guests and the funds raised support us in a variety of ways, from paying the water bill, to paying staff and dancers, and to supporting outreach and educational programs, Barbara said.

“It’s not sexy, but it’s what we have to do,” Barbara said. “What’s great is that it’s an opportunity for individuals to really make a difference.”

BalletMet is very grateful for our donors and party-goers that are willing to step up for a good cause, Barbara said.

Click here to order your event tickets.

Our sponsors for the event include: Hamilton Capital Management, AEP, Chaddock and Associates, Columbus Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, Ernst & Young, and State Auto.

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  1. Nicole,

    What fun. Now I need to decide who I'll be this Saturday.