Friday, August 26, 2011

Goodbye For Now

Well, my summer at BalletMet is coming to a close, and while I’m delighted to be entering my last semester of college, I’m also sad to leave such a great work environment. Today, I read over my introductory blog entry which I posted on the first week of my internship, and I’m pleased to say that my expectations of and attitude towards BalletMet have not changed. I still stand by that BalletMet is different from anywhere that I ever have and probably ever will work. The atmosphere is relaxed I feel like people work at BalletMet because they want to, not because they have to. I felt this more than ever when the company returned to begin rehearsing for the upcoming season. I realized that everyone who works in the office upstairs is involved in projects to ensure that everyone downstairs (the company dancers, academy students, and artistic director, Gerard Charles) can continue to flex their creativity, perform spectacularly, and do what they love. Being a dancer myself and seeing so many having to quit because they didn’t have the time or the money to continue, I found this aspect of BalletMet particularly special.

I have a similar state of mind. This internship has not been just a resume builder for me, but an actual beneficial experience for where I’d like to go in life. I’ve found that opportunities like this are very hard to come across. Most classes, seminars, etc. that I’ve attended have vaguely described how to “make it” in the real world. This internship has immersed me in exactly how a ballet company and academy are run, how they reach their subscribers and fans, and how they organize their operations. Sure I’ve also spent a considerable amount of time scanning, printing, and stuffing envelopes; I am an intern after all! But while I was doing those things I was also observing others and their projects, which has been most beneficial. I feel as though there’s still a lot for me to learn; if I were at BalletMet during the actual season I can imagine I would have a completely different set of tasks to complete. But for now, I will take the knowledge that this internship has given me and use it as best I can. Thanks for having me, BalletMet!!!


Friday, August 19, 2011

Good Wine, Great Shoes

What better way to spend an evening than with shoes, wine, and ballet! Thanks to Mary Weiler, a dedicated BalletMet board member, women in Columbus have the chance to do just that. The group is called Women Wine for Shoes and they are wonderful supporters of the ballet. Their cause is shoes, shoes, and more shoes; raising money for the BalletMet Shoe Fund. After all, pointe shoes are pricey and each female BalletMet dancer needs 40 every season (That’s about 620 pairs total).

Inspired by other local social support organizations for non-profits, the concept behind Women Wine for Shoes is that women of all ages get together twice a year for a fun-filled cocktail party followed by a BalletMet performance, and make a donation to the Shoe Fund. This season they will attend Carmen in November, and Jazz Moves Columbus in February. To learn more about those shows, go here.

Weiler started this organization several years ago with about 80 guests at the first party and the numbers have been growing since. But the women who attend are not solely philanthropic in their motives, many of them are happy for the opportunity to go to the ballet with people of similar taste. Weiler says:

“During my time on the Ballet Board, I have found many women who would like to attend the Ballet, but don't have anyone with whom to go. Women Who Wine for
Shoes solves that problem! The women who attend are very diverse and of all age groups.”

Weiler hopes that this organization will expand in the future to fundraise and build events that support BalletMet, but we’ll need your help to do that. If you’ve been looking for a companion at the ballet, go here to learn more about Women Wine for Shoes. To become a member, you need only attend one event.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Keep it Local

To present a memorable and spectacular ballet, a show must not only consist of dance, but integrate the other art forms. Music and dance have an apparent harmonious relationship with one another and BalletMet embraces that connection, joining forces with the Columbus Jazz Orchestra, the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, and even the OSU Marching Band in the past. The art of fashion makes an appearance at every BalletMet performance, thanks to the talented hands at our costume shop. And this spring, BalletMet is collaborating with the Wexner Center for the Arts to present DanceTech, a multi-media event showcasing the art of technology.

But for BalletMet’s next endeavor, we’re calling on YOU to provide the art. BalletMet presents OnDemand this September and will be displaying the work of local Columbus artists at the performances. It’s fitting that we are reaching out to the public for this presentation because OnDemand will consist of previously performed, fan-favorite pieces voted on by the community. BalletMet is letting go of the wheel completely and putting Columbus in charge of this show. To learn more about OnDemand and buy tickets go here.

This is a great opportunity for artists in the community to showcase and sell their work to the vast and varied subscribers and fans of BalletMet. We are still accepting submissions so if you want your work to be seen, email the following to Becca Misselwitz at no later than August 26th.

-Digital photograph of piece
-Title of Piece
-Artist name, email address, and phone number
-Approximate measurements of piece
-Mounting requirements for piece

These submissions can be in any medium, any style, and do not need to be dance related. Each artist can submit up to five pieces. For more information on this opportunity go here.

We look forward to seeing what Columbus has to offer and celebrating the arts a whole!