Friday, January 27, 2012

All That Jazz

There is nothing better than unwinding to jazz music after a busy day, grooving to Motown, or rejoicing with Gospel music. What’s even better? Experiencing a show that has all that and more, Jazz Moves Columbus at BalletMet!

Everyone here is preparing for the opening of BalletMet’s next performance, Jazz Moves Columbus. The show features dance from jazz to ballet with music ranging from jazz to Motown. BalletMet, along with the Jazz Arts Group, celebrates the 200th birthday of Columbus by honoring the original Jazz Moves (which won the Greater Columbus Arts Council's Artistic Excellence Award) by showcasing the past, present, and future of Columbus life through dance.

The show features pieces choreographed by local and Tony nominated talent. Last week, I had the honor of watching the company rehearse a piece by Dan Knechtges, Tony nominated for his work in Xanadu. Not only has Dan choreographed numerous Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, but his work is also seen in movies and music videos. His piece in Jazz Moves samples all your favorite oldies, such as The Temptations “My Girl”.

A quick look at the other choreographers in Jazz Moves:

-Lynne Taylor Corbett: Lynne was nominated for 2 Tony awards and some of her work can be seen in the original “Footloose” film.

-Randy Duncan: Randy was the three-time winner of Chicago’s prestigious Ruth Page Award for the Outstanding Choreographer of the Year and was nominated for the American Choreography Award for his work in the movie Save the Last Dance, featuring Julia Stiles.

-Stella Kane: Stella was the founding Artistic Director of BalletMet’s JazzMet and was a featured dancer in the national tour of Bob Fosse’s Broadway hit, Dancin’.

-Harrison McEldowney: Harrison has worked with multiple ballet companies and his work was featured in the closing ceremonies of the ’92 Olympics in Barcelona.

-Darrell Moultrie: Darrell is both a choreographer and performer; he starred opposite Toni Braxton on Broadway in Aida and danced in the original Broadway productions of Hairspray, The Color Purple and Billy Elliott.

After a sneak peek of just one of the pieces, I am so excited to see Jazz Moves! The performance opens February 2 and runs through February 12 at the Capitol Theatre. For more information on show times and tickets, visit Hope to see you all for Jazz Moves Columbus :)


For a sneak peek, check out this video!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new..

It’s 2012! Out with the old, in with the New Year, the first snowfall of the winter, and me, the new marketing intern for BalletMet! My name is Kelsey and I am a senior at THE Ohio State University. Just to share a little about myself: I am a Strategic Communications major and a Theatre Minor. I am always asked, “Strategic Communications? What’s that?” Basically it is entails everything from public relations to publicity, marketing to advertising, even special event planning.

“Okay so you want to do PR and marketing, why theatre?” I have been involved with dance and theatre since I was 5 years old. I started dancing at Dance Reach with Mary Rose and suffered from terrible stage fright. I think my exact words to my parents at my first ballet recital were “Don’t smile at me.”

After a 2nd grade field trip to see BalletMet’s production of The Nutcracker, my interest in dancing was peaked. I sang and danced in Show Choir through middle school. In high school, I became a member of the flag corps, one reason being that I saw this as a way to get back into dance. I was very involved in the theatre department in high school, including musical theater and I am an International Thespian. My favorite shows were the annual musicals, where we had the opportunity to work with a professional choreographer!

When I took my first hip-hop dance class at OSU my freshman year, it made me wish that I had stuck with dance when I was younger. I knew a minor in dance seemed unrealistic when paired with a communications major, so I chose theatre. A way for me to still be a part of something I am passionate about.

Now, here I am! Finally getting the opportunity to be a part of something I am excited about! Yes, I have been an intern before; once for a local restaurant and catering company and once for an on-campus non-profit organization. While I gained a lot of experience that will help with my career, my career goal is to end up working in an aspect of the entertainment industry, whether it’s dancing, theatre, or music.

I know it’s cheesy to say but when I stepped into BalletMet for my interview last week, I felt at home. I had only been in the building for 5 minutes and the relaxed atmosphere of the dancers stretching in the halls felt familiar. After my interview, I was able to take a tour of the facility. Stopping in the costume shop and peeking into the studio to see some of the company rehearse made me so excited to start this internship!

It’s only my first day and I am about to go watch the Director’s circle, featuring a piece by Dan Knechtges from BalletMet’s upcoming Jazz Moves. Who knew an internship could be so fun?! I am looking forward to all the new experiences that I will get to be a part of and the knowledge I will gain from this internship. Best of all, I get to share it with you!!

To be continued…