Tuesday, April 26, 2011

BalletMet Stirs Up a Recipe for Sin

Remember the last time you were craving a sinfully delicious mixture of world class dance and rock & roll, but didn’t quite have all the ingredients to put it together?

Fret not, kind reader. BalletMet is here to indulge your cravings!

With time and patience, we’ve managed to come up with a recipe that we’re finally ready to share. It looks a little something like this:

7 Deadly Sins

Makes 6 Performances

One Batch of BalletMet

Combine the choreographers and the dancers.

With six renowned choreographers styling dance moves for the show, the performance is sure to be satisfying. Each piece shows a modern adaptation of the age old vices, with common design, aesthetics and musical styles tying them together.

Choreographers include:

Ma Cong, Pride

James Kudelka, Sloth & Gluttony

Darrell Grand Moultrie, Wrath

Gina Patterson, Lust

Amy Seiwert, Envy

Jimmy Orrante, Greed

Emily Ramirez, a company dancer who is in her 7th season with BalletMet, will dance in wrath, pride and gluttony. For her, the process of learning the choreography can be traced back to August. With the choreography having a little more edge than it normally does, Emily is excited to see how the audience receives it.

She explained that with other, more classical performances, there was a small separation between her and the character she portrayed. Emily explains that with portions of wrath, the dancers are dancing as themselves, with stripped down emotions.

One Spoonful of Shadowbox Live

Mix the musicians and the singers.

In the first collaboration between the companies, Shadowbox Live lends their instruments, as well as their voices, to bring the sins to life. With new compositions and arrangements by Shadowbox to accompany them, the sins will take center stage and delve into the rousing and emotional questions that humanity has contemplated since ancient times.

Shadowbox members include:

Stev Guyer, producer & vocalist

Stacie Boord, vocalist

Julie Klein, vocalist

Matthew Hahn, lead guitar

Gabriel Guyer, bass guitar

Jennifer Hahn, keyboards

Brandon Smith, drums

Brain Rau, sound engineer

Seven Pieces of Sin

Stir in seven deadly sins.

You’ve heard them all before: envy, greed, gluttony, lust, pride, sloth and wrath. You’ve likely experienced them all before, but have you ever really seen them? The sins will take center stage, styled with a song, in a way you’ve that’s sure to leave you wanting more.

The transition from sin to sin will take you on a ride where you explore everything from the dancers’ deepest “quiet” rage in wrath to the destructive nature of jealousy. You’ll even experience pride in a celebratory light, rather than a sinful one.

One Drop of Costume Design

Add awesome outerwear.

Rebecca Turk, resident costume director, has been with BalletMet for nearly five years. Before BalletMet, Rebecca was the costumer coordinator at Western Oregon University and the costume manager at the Orlando Shakespeare Festival.

Rebecca looked to the contemporary rock n’ roll style for inspiration. Featuring pieces with a little bit more edge, she focused on the key elements of rock n’ roll: ruching, lace and even animal print. The pieces flow together with a black, white, red and gray color palette.

With the costumes being more organic than normal, Rebecca managed to maintain a cohesive design among the seven sins and their dancers.

A Mixture of MetPremiere + Barrio Tapas

Pour in a combo of MetPremiere and Barrio Tapas.

The final ingredient we have is a mixture of partnerships. MetPremiere has teamed up with Barrio Tapas to take you to dinner before the show on May 5th.

We have drinks and tapas for those who purchase a special ticket package! The $50 package includes:

- One ticket to BalletMet's 7 Deadly Sins show

- Two Drink Tickets for a 7 Deadly Sins specialty cocktail

- Appetizers at Barrio Tapas

For more info, check out the Facebook Event!

Bake at 450º. Let cool – then serve!

And voila! There you have it – our recipe for 7 Deadly Sins. If you can’t wait to feast your eyes on the end results, check out our website for show times and ticket info!

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