Monday, October 19, 2009


“Their new Swan Lake beautifully re-creates the magic that must have enchanted audiences at the drama's premiere more than 100 years ago.”

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And now for the most important review!!! …mine :)

I was blown away by the performance this weekend. The dancers really embraced their roles, the costumes looked absolutely beautiful and the production team did an amazing job of bringing it all together. Additionally, having the performance at the Ohio Theatre added so much more; the elaborate architecture suitably fit the theme of the classic Swan Lake ballet. And all I have to say about the presence of all those swans on stage at once is, WOW. They just kept coming and coming and seeing so many dancers and so many tutus on stage at once was truly breathtaking.

I said before that although I have seen BalletMet performances in the past, this time would be a completely different experience for me….and it definitely was. It was incredible to be able to go behind-the-scenes of such a timeless ballet, and then see it come to life on the stage. I am very grateful.


I could go on and on about the show but, after two weeks of Swan Lake coverage, it’s time for something new! Today I was able to talk to the Director of Education at BalletMet, Ambre Emory-Maier, and she had so much to share with me!

Ambre oversees the educational programming here at BalletMet and supervises the staff. Additionally, she manages the scholarship program and teaches in the Academy, working with trainees and pre-professional students.
Some programs in the Education Department include:
*Moving into Literacy
*BalletMet Momentum
*Morning at the Ballet (this has been around for 30 years!!)

Each program focuses on talking and reflecting as well as creating, performing and responding. Through a very set curriculum and way of teaching, the programs that BalletMet has created allow the community to connect through dance in ways they would not typically be able to do so. It is these sorts of programs that inspire children at a young age to support the arts, and possibly consider becoming involved in the future. Either way, BalletMet provides them with the opportunity to be a part of the wonderful world of dance.

And providing these experiences is no easy task. Ambre and the rest of the Education Department work extremely hard to consistently provide these amazing experiences.

"It is deeper and more complex and takes a lot more work than one can imagine, unless you are here," says Ambre about the Education Department. "Nothing here is winged, it is all purposely done. We try to keep students engaged."

BalletMet's Education Department is very committed to all of its programs and the children involved; and for those children that are able to take part in these excellent programs, they should consider themselves lucky.

For more information on each program visit:

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